• Hypershadw


    February 3, 2013 by Hypershadw

    I made tons of edits to the mega man archie wiki and am transferring them over to here now that I see this wiki is more successful. I was good at making character profile pages but not at issue creation pages. I think combining forces to one wiki is best result. Either way I think the archie mega man deserves it's own page much like archie sonic does compared to their respective main wiki pages.

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  • Chubzhac

    Please follow rules to avoid banning or blocking.

    1. All information must come from the Archie Mega Man comic book series.(ergo nothing from the games and no fan fiction)

    2. Anything information that doesn't come from the comics must have a link.

    3. NO profanity, pornography, or prejudice of anykind. This will result in immediate blocking.

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