Elec Man

Elec Man is a Robot Master created by Dr. Light with Dr. Wily's help.

Elec Man was meant to help regulate power plants. Able to channel and produce thousands of volts, Elec Man is very driven by his pride and sense of duty. That power has also gone to his head a little, and he's rather arrogant; you can tell by the spark in his eye!

Dr. Wily reprogrammed him and made him fight Mega Man. He was one of the main Robot Masters to fight the reprogramming and killed the Copy Mega Man that Wily created. His programming had him kill a Mega Man so he found a way around it. He originally was the first one to try and kill Mega Man, but Fire Man stopped him.

His weapon is the Thunder Beam and his weakness is the Rolling Cutter. With his overcharged body, he is resistent to Time Man's ability.