Guts Man is a Robot Master created by Dr. Light with Dr. Wily's help.

Guts Man's size and strength were designed for heavy labor, both in construction and in cleaning debris. It isn't surprising, then, that Guts Man values strength above all else, and he's not about to let one little blue robot stop him! Also: he enjoys karaoke?!

His weapon is the Super Arm which he uses to grab large objects (usually boulders) to toss at his enemies.

Guts Man was created by Dr Light and Dr Wily as one of the original Robot Masters. He was intended to oversee land reclamation in hazardous conditions but was taken over by Dr Wily. He is one of the dumber Robot Masters but his armor is very strong and can withstand multiple hits from the Mega Buster. He is weak against the Hyper Bomb.